Sebastian Eastwood


Current Training:


Harvard X


Fundamentals of Neuroscience - Professor David Cox



Previous Training:


Coherence Psychology Institute:


Utilizing the Brain's Process of Memory Reconsolidation For Dissolving Symptom Generating Implicit Constructs - Robin Ticic and Tor Wennerberg


Discovering and Verbalising Unconscious Emotional Truth - Introduction to Retrieval and Reconsolidation of Implicit Memory


Course 100 - Bruce Ecker PhD


Coherence Therapy Training - Robin Ticic & Tor Wennerberg


Coherence Therapy Training @ IAEBP - Paul Sibson



International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts:


Diploma in Analytical & Clinical Hypnotherapy


The Rob Kelly Method of Smoking Cessation


Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Skill Development - Rob Smith



International Association of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy:


The Rob Kelly Thrive Programme in Applied Positive Psychology


Understanding Sexual Abuse and Sexual Offending (Advanced Diploma)


Ethics Of Clinical Practice (Advanced Diploma)



Associative Awareness Training:


Level One (Brain Stem)


Level Two (Limbic System)


Level Three (Neocortex)


Neuroplasticity - Dr. Cynthia Erikson PhD


Brain Anatomy - Dr. Cynthia Erikson PhD


Mechanoreceptors - Dr. Cynthia Erikson PhD


Trauma - Robert Scaer MD



American Psychological Association:


Profound Change in Psychotherapy: Using Coherence Therapy to Reliably Create Deep Breakthroughs - Dr Bruce Ecker MA, LMFT & Dr Sara Bridges Ph.D


Treating Pain with Hypnosis - Dr David R. Patterson Ph.D., ABPP



Zur Institute


Existential Humanistic Therapy: Contemporary Issues – Dr Kirk Schneider & Rollo May


Multimodal Therapy: A Primer – Dr Arnold A. Lazarus



Psychotherapy Networker


Clinical Implications and Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview - Daniel Siegel MD


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – Steven Hayes PhD



University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf


Metacognitive Training for Depression


Metacognitive Training for OCD


Metacognitive Training for Borderline Personality Disorder


Metacognitive Training for Psychosis



Courtney Armstrong


Therapeutic Aha! Cognitive Experiential Therapy Training – Courtney Armstrong LPC-MHSP



Somatic Experiencing:


Sexual Healing - Transforming The Sacred Wound - Dr. Peter Levine PhD


Healing Trauma - Dr. Peter Levine PhD



Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education:


Addiction in Your Practice: Information and Resources for Dealing with Addictive Behaviour - Dr Debi LaPlante & Dr Howard J. Shaffer


Mental Health Sequelae of Extreme Violence - Dr Richard Mollica


Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management - Dr Edward M. Phillips & Dr Chris Stewart Patterson


Treatment of Depression: Emerging Issues 2012 - Dr Russell Vasile



Mindsight Institute:


Interpersonal Neurobiology in Therapy - Dr Dan Siegel



Non-Violent Communication Academy:


Introduction to Non-Violent Communication



Great Courses Lectures:


Skepticism 101: How To Think Like A Scientist - Dr. Michael Shermer


Being Human: Life Lessons From The Frontiers of Science - Professor Robert Sapolsky


Biology and Human Behavior - The Neurological Origins of Individuality, 2nd Edition - Professor Robert Sapolsky


Explaining Social Deviance - Professor Paul Root Wolpe


Theories of Human Development - Professor Malcolm W. Watson


Free Will and Determinism - Professor Shaun Nichols



One-to-one Professional Training & Mentoring:


Courtney Armstrong (Author of 'The Therapeutic Aha')


Robin Ticic (Author of 'Unlocking the Emotional Brain')


Niel French (Author of 'Successful Hypnotherapy')


Rob Kelly (Author of 'The Thrive Programme')


Andrew T. Austin (Author of 'The Rainbow Machine')